Adobe Prelude Sneak Peek

Philip Hodgetts has reported on his blog that during the San Francisco Supermeet last week Adobe’s Al Mooney revealed a sneak peek at a new application for the Creative Suite named “Prelude”.

“Essentially Prelude is an ingest, logging and rough cut tool. It’s designed to make it easy to add log notes (a.k.a. metadata) quickly and easily, then perform a rough first string out to send to a craft (skilled) editor for the real work. Now obviously, any tool that encourages the entry of metadata is good by me!”


There’s no official information on the new tool from Adobe, but here are some of the new features as listed on Philip’s blog:

  • Works directly off non-tape media
  • Media can be previewed and selects trimmed before ingest to Prelude
  • Icons can be “skimmed” (I think Adobe has a different term) FCP X style.
  • Will copy media from the card to a specified location
  • Will (optionally) do proxy (or really any specified format) generation in parallel with ingest
  • Has great tools for subclipping and adding log notes easily
  • Can build simple cuts-only timelines
  • Exports direct to Premiere Pro or to Final Cut Pro 7 XML.

Philip believes that Adobe will talk about this new tool at NAB so we can presume that this is where we will be able to see this application in action but don’t you think it looks very similar to Bridge?

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