Bluetooth mouse problems

A huge problem I have been dealing with lately is the bluetooth reception for the mouse. The mouse is less than two feet from the computer but the reception is terrible. The mouse would jerk around and it was very frustrating to navigate. This all started happening a few weeks ago. I have tried everything from moving the computer to trying a different mouse. I even purchased a bluetooth dongle to boost the signal. After researching I discovered that the DWT-120 bluetooth dongle is one of the few bluetooth dongles that would work. Unfortunately it was discontinued, but I didn’t know that. I went to and they has an advertised BWT-120 dongle for sale on their website. When I received the dongle it was actually the model BWT-122 which does not work for the computer. I decided to keep it anyway because I would have to ship it back and they charge %15 restocking fee. So I would only get like a $5 refund from all the hassle. I just won’t buy from them again because I would not want to purchase something in the future only to realize that a different item is shipped to you.

I’ve been trying to cope with ridiculous alternatives while looking for a permanent solution. I even had to bust out the old corded mighty mouse. I could track freely with that mouse, but the problem with the mighty mouse is that little scroll ball that gets dirty over time. So the mighty mouse was unable to scroll.

After the whole dongle debacle I looked around for another solution. The alternative method I tried after that was to get an extension cord for the bluetooth antennae. The cord I got was an extension cord that plugged into the bluetooth chip and on the other end there’s a pigtail with a threaded connection to connect an antennae. Then I got an antennae to connect to the end of that. I had to drill a hole into the end of the pci cover plate to get the antennae connection to fit outside of the computer. Then I connected the antennae and fired up the machine. Results are that the mouse seems to be working perfectly now. Hopefully this concludes the problems that were involved with the mouse reception.

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