ClipExporter for Final Cut Pro X is released

If you want to export clips form Final Cut Pro X and bring them into other applications (add effects in Motion, Nuke, or Syntheyes) then you should check out ClipExporter

ClipExporter opens exported Final Cut Pro X projects (fcpxml) and exports each clip as a Quicktime reference movie, Nuke file or Syntheyes importable file. It creates shot based folders with custom subfolders and extends each clip with handle frames.

Check out this demo video to see how ClipExporter works.

Here’s a list of Features, Known issues, and System Requirements


  • Exports Quicktime reference movies.
  • Exports Nuke files. All in-/out-frames and timeline positions match your exported Final Cut Pro X project.
  • Export for Syntheyes. A custom (.synInfo) file format is created for import in Syntheyes. Therefore an importer sizzle-script is required, which can be downloaded here.
  • Adds handle frames (optionally). Extends each clip length by a given number of frames.
  • Creates shot based folders with naming conventions.
  • Creates subfolders (optionally).
  • Saves disc space by refering to the original source media. No files are copied.

Known issues

  • Retimed clips are not supported.
  • Effects, translations, animations and every other Final Cut Pro X related modification on a clip will be discarded.
  • Video-clips with unsupported or odd fps (frames per second) values could cause inaccurate timming results. We encountered such problems while using unconverted iPhone videos that were shot with the built-in camera app.
  • Nuke export only: using compound, multicam or audition clips and not having the clips on the primary storyline will result in odd Nuke timeline positions. This does not affect the in- / out-points and durations./li>

System Requirements
You need at least Final Cut Pro X v10.0.1 and a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or above.

Download ClipExporter now in the Mac App Store for $15.99.

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