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Heya fans, well it’s been very busy here this past month. I have been working non-stop for over a month on the developments of the second major launch for our iPhone app and now it’s finally ready for deployment. The app is available right now and it’s an absolute must have for Final Cut Pro users. I’m going to break down some of the new features that are available in this update and let everyone know what’s coming next after all of this.


First off the iPhone app is still web based. There are many reasons that I decided to go with a web app instead of a native iPhone application. Main reasons are because Apple rapes developers on charges. They want %30 of sales and $99 a year to submit the application. That sucks for the developers. It sucks for the users also because if they do not update to the latest version everytime then they will not have the newest version available on their iOS device. With the web app there isn’t any pinching from Apple and users will always have the latest version available to them without having to download and install anything. Just visit from your iOS device to access the iPhone web app.

Version 2.0 of our iPhone web app has over 100 new features that took over 500 hours to develop. I will do a quick run down summary of some of the major features that are now available in this new update.

Starting from the top of the app you will notice that there’s new buttons in the top menubar. Depending on the page and your current login state there’s buttons to login, signup, or navigate to additional areas of the app.

Directly below the menubar is the new search bar. This also depends on what page you’re currently on in the app. For most pages the area is for searching through the app. Other pages will have an area in this location to add shoutouts or do realtime instant result searches for keyboard shortcuts.

There’s conditional areas on the app that show ads to upgrade to the pro version of the app. Upgrading is only $1.99 and once you’ve upgraded your account then all ads are removed from the app. there’s additional benefits of upgrading to the pro version besides ad removal which includes access to additional video tutorials. Pro users also have access to the Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcut Library with the ability to save keyboard shortcuts into your favorites for quick and easy access to shortcut descriptions. Pro users also have access to their own personal film location map where they can save private locations on their own personal map which are only accessible to them.

Another new feature of version 2.0 is the Shoutouts. This is an area where logged in users can post announcements about their new film release or maybe a casting call for talent in their next project. You can signup for free to post a shoutout and any user can view the shoutouts without having to login. You can also view your previous shoutous when you’re logged in and delete old shoutouts if you do not want to display them anymore.

Moving along in the feature list there is now a complete online store available in the iPhone app. Users can browse our store and purchase Motion templates, royalty free audio albums, or upgrade to our iPhone Pro app from the store in our iPhone web app. Downloadable items that are purchased through the web app are available to users when they login to their account from a computer that is capable of downloading items. The iPhone Pro upgrade is not a download, it’s just an upgrade to your account. So don’t worry if you purchase the iPhone Pro upgrade whether it will be instantly available to you or not… it will. Pro features will be available to users instantly as soon as they complete purchase of the iPhone Pro upgrade.

Some other new features we have in our iPhone app include a video file size calculator and a DVD bitrate calculator. Enter data into the calculator and see the results instantly on the page as soon as changes to the form are made. This is really cool for users that need to determine the size of their video files or the bitrate that their files should be compressed to in order to fit on media.

There is an entire area for users to browse and search user profiles on our app now. Search by gender, status, age range or other criteria and see results instantly displayed on the page. There’s also an area to increase or limit the amount of results that are displayed on a page. You can add users as a friend for quick access to their profiles from the friends page and you can also leave a message or call other profile users if they have the settings enabled in their user preferences.

The message app is now available on the iPhone app. When you receive a new message an icon appears in the message area with a number indicating how many new unread messages you have. When you visit your mailbox there’s icons that appear to show you how many unread messages are in your inbox and another icon appears to show you how many messages you have sent from your outbox that are still unread by the users that you have sent the message to so you can see if the person you’ve sent the message to has actually read your message yet.

There’s a few new features in the login form. Now there’s validation on the signup and login forms to make sure that all areas of the form are completed correctly before you’re able to submit the forms. There’s also a new area in the login form to Remember Me when you login so that when you close the app you’ll still be logged in when you relaunch the app later. I’ve also added a forgot password form that allows you to reset your forgotten password. Your account is synced between our full-website and the iPhone app. So if you signup from our full site then you can login to the iPhone app with the same account information and vise versa if you signup from the iPhone app you can login to our full-website with the same account information. Also if you purchase an item from our store or make changes to your profile from either the full-website or the iPhone app then that information is synced between each other. So if you decide to purchase the iPhone Pro app from the full-website then your account will automatically be upgraded to the Pro version the next time you login to any iOS device.

A new Help Center is available that contains FAQ’s about the iPhone app and other general questions that users may have. The contact form has been redeveloped and has a drop-down for users to choose a message category.

The video tutorials that are available on the iPhone app are from previous versions of Final Cut Studio applications. I will update the video tutorials to include new tutorials about FCPX once the new version of Final Cut Pro is released. iPhone Pro upgrade is a onetime charge and users are grandfathered into their update so when new features become available for the Pro app then those that have previously purchased the upgrade will have access to them.

The iPhone app was built by hand with HTML5, javascript, PHP and MySQL. Some frameworks were used but all of the development was hand coded. I hope you enjoy using the app as much as I have enjoyed developing it for everyone. While I was developing this update I thought to myself “what would I want to have available in an iPhone app for Final Cut Pro” and I think I have not only met the desires that was determined but went beyond those determinations to exceed the expectations that I had. I am very excited about this new update and I hope that everyone else is too. I plan on using this app frequently and encourage frequent use from others as well. To have faster access to the app it’s recommended to load the homepage by visiting from your iOS device and then “Add to Home Screen” by clicking the arrow icon in iOS Safari and then clicking the blue Add button in the following page. That way you can have the iPhone app icon saved on your iOS homescreen and tap that anytime you want to launch the app. Saving the app to your homescreen also removes the Safari browser navigation controls that appear on the screen to give you maximum screen real estate for the app.

Check out version 2.0 of our iPhone app by visiting from your iOS device today and tell your friends! This app is literally off the hook and it’s the ultimate handheld guide for Final Cut Pro users!

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