Final Cut Pro X iPhone web app version 1.0 launched

Our website is three years old today! On May 15, 2008 was registered. We’ve come a long way since then. To celebrate our anniversary we are launching our new iPhone web app today. We’ve posted a few teasers lately and had some questions regarding the content. Now you have a chance to check it out and here you will get an idea of the future roadmap we have planned for the iPhone app. OK so let’s start talking about it already!


The iPhone app is web based. That means that you launch the app by simply visiting our website from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The best part of this method is that not only is the app free to access, but there is also assurance that every time you visit the app you are automatically viewing the latest version because we are updating the site on the server so you don’t have to download and install any updates to your device. We’ve done the programming to automatically load the app when you visit our website from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. When you first visit the app a window appears at the bottom of the app to let you know how to save the web app to your homescreen. Once you save the app to your homescreen you can launch the app without displaying the safari navigation controls. It basically makes for a better user experience.

The features in the Final Cut Pro X iPhone web app include an area for users to signup and login to the app. You can visit areas of the app without logging in, but you get extra benefits from logging in. When you login your profile information is synced between the iPhone app and the full version of our website. So if you login and edit your profile information from our iPhone app then your profile information is also edited on the full version of our website and vise-versa. Besides ability to signup, login, and edit your profile information there is also an area for video tutorials of every application included in Final Cut Studio. Currently at initial launch we have included archive tutorials from previous versions of Final Cut Studio applications. We plan on adding new tutorials for the new Final Cut Pro X depending on the amount of traffic and demand that we receive for our iPhone app.

Another thing we included is an area to view the blog posts from our website. So even this post will be available instantly on our iPhone app. That way you will always be up-to-date on the latest news regarding Final Cut Pro no matter where you are. We also have an area to contact us from your iPhone.

Probably the biggest feature on the new Final Cut Pro iPhone web app is the map feature. We’ve been able to develop a method to sync the interactive film location map between our website and our iPhone web app. Now you can visit our iPhone app and go to the map to view film locations. You can search film locations that have been saved on the map and filter the results by location, radius, and category. So let’s say you’re searching for good places to shoot landscapes in Seattle while you’re there touring. Go to the iPhone app and search the map in Seattle filtered by landscape category to see locations that others have saved on the map. Now let’s say that while you’re there you find a new location to shoot at that was not on the map. You can also add new locations to the map so that you can find the area the next time you may be there and others can also see the new location you saved on the map. Later we will develop a method where users can login and save private locations on the map that are only seen by themselves on their private map once they’ve logged in. We have a lot of additional features that we plan on adding to the map in future updates.

We also registered some new domain names for our website to make it easier for Final Cut Pro users to find tutorials and Motion templates. Now you can visit our new short URL to save yourself the frustration of typing out a long URL when visiting a website from your mobile device. It’s a lot easier to save the app to your homescreen though so that you don’t have to type it in later on.

Oh yeah… two more things. We also switched over hosting for our website to a dedicated server and setup secure server on our website so pages are secure when users send data. You will now notice the https:// with an “s” in the URL on pages where users login, signup or enter any of their private information.

The last thing is we ‘e offering a %50 off promotion on all of our Motion Templates. Just add the promo code 0515 to get %50 off any Motion Template for one day only, one day only, one day only. So check out our store form your computer to get %50 off our Motion templates and when you’re out in the field then visit our website from your mobile device to brush up on info, tutorials, and locations.

It’s been a great three years so far and here’s to many more!

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