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Just like us, Alex King loves Final Cut Pro X. But we both agree that there are still some things that are missing. Alex wanted to be able to send clips from FCPX Timeline to Motion 5 for applying additional effects, so he developed an application that does that!


Click the link below to download version 1.1.5


From Alex’s website:

Just export your project as .fcpxml (File > Export XML), drag it onto the dock icon, select the clip you’d like to export, and it’ll create and open a new Motion project, setup with the right length, clip, and frame rate. It’s not perfect, but it saves a lot of time setting up projects and copying information by hand.

You can let him know if you have any issues. Like Alex says, the software isn’t perfect, but it looks promising for some. From reading through the comments on his website it looks like there’s a current issue in the beta software for some users where they experience a simple freeze frame for the duration of the sent clip instead of video of the clip. We’ll keep and eye on this beta software for a little while and see if any patches are released to handle this issue. We gave it a test run with Lion and FCPX 10.0.3 and it appears to send to Motion without issues.

Alex is offering the app for free but he’s asking for a donation. The donation button is below if you want to send him some beer money for making this cool app. Maybe it’ll help him work out the kinks to get it into the App Store.

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