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Heya everybody! I’ve been working on a new facebook application for a little while now and last night I was able to launch it on our fan page. I’ve also setup a short URL system for accessing most of our pages. There are some features on our website that are domain-specific but %99 of the URL’s can be accessed by using one of our short URL’s we have setup. Some of the additional URL’s we’ve obtained to make it easier for users to remember our website are and

Now you can check out our facebook page by visiting the short URL and our new facebook application is seen on the left sidebar titled Free Motion Template.


The process of getting your free Motion template is pretty simple. First you allow facebook to access the application. You can only access the application if you’re logged in as yourself, not logged into facebook as a “page”.

After you’ve allowed access to the application (you only have to do this once) then you’re presented with a screen that shows the current template that is available to download. A download button is displayed beneath the video preview.

When you click the download button a message appears to let you know that an email has been sent to you with a generated link that allows you to download your free template. The link will expire in 5 days. You will be notified when new templates are available to download. So if you’re not already a fan of our facebook page now would be a good time to check out our page.

We’ve done some other cool updates to our site lately. A facebook wall is available at and we’ve done some other optimization to the site like fixing formatting issues and little glitches here and there. We’ve added a facebook and twitter follower counter to our homepage and there’s also a new method for displaying our tweets in the right side column of our homepage.

We also have another really cool update that we’re working on right now that will hopefully become available soon. There’s always something new happening here and we’re excited about the update that we’re currently working on. Stay tuned for more info.

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