Mac Pro Portable Edit Station Revealed

Check out this completely portable edit station that Sam Mestman just showed off. This is a portable editing station packed into a small case complete with a monitor and everything. Inside there’s a new Mac Pro. There’s a three and six slot model available. Every kind of card reader you want to build into the system is available. There’s also 3 PCI slots available in the system. It’s completely configurable.

This gives you the flexibility to bring a portable editing system to any set and be able to edit on a very fast system.


Here’s a rundown of the DIT Station Rogue Pro portable editing system.

Slide mount arm to support a second monitor

Only one plug powers everything

$12K for the three slot model and $15K for the six slot – without the Mac Pro

Sam says they’re being manufactured right now and should start shipping soon if anyone is interested.

Here’s a video that shows it off at NAB earlier this year. Keep your eyes peeled on if you’re interested in purchasing one of these portable editing systems.

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