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Tupac Live At Coachella Via Hologram

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Tupac made an appearance at Coachella music festival last night via hologram courtesy of AV Concepts in partnership with Dr. Dre’s production company.

Apple Reveals Future Plans Of Final Cut Pro X

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

Apple met with trainer Larry Jordan this morning and shared some upcoming plans for Final Cut Pro X in 2012. Check out some of the new features that are expected in 2012.

Federal Court Rules “Stealing” Code Doesn’t Break Law

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

The US Court of Appeals ruled that a former programmer did not violate federal law prohibiting theft of trade secrets when he copied portions of his former employer’s confidential source code.

Test your knowledge of FCPX with the FCPX Quiz

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

Have you ever thought about becoming an Apple Certified Pro for Final Cut Pro X? Want to test your knowledge? Take a practice exam to see how much you know about Final Cut Pro X and prepare yourself for the Apple Certification exam by checking out our Final Cut Pro X Video Training Series.

Final Cut Pro X Video Training Series is now available

Posted: Apr 12, 2012

I’ve spent over a month producing this training series for Final Cut Pro X. The training is recommended for beginner to mid-level users of Final Cut Pro X. The video lessons will walk you through the steps of working on a project in Final Cut Pro X.

Canon Unveils Two 4K Cameras & Two New Lenses

Posted: Apr 12, 2012

Canon today unveiled the EOS-1D C and the C500 — a higher-end version of the C300 that adds several shooting modes, dual 3G-SDI ports and a larger, permanent grip. Both cameras can capture 4K video, but in substantially different ways…

Photoshop CS6 Beta Is Available To Download

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

Photoshop CS6 beta includes all the features in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended.

Commodore Announces Amiga Mini

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

Commodore announces Amiga mini that boasts i7-2700k 3.5 Ghz Quad-Core up to 16GB RAM and 600GB SSD drive. Then they cut the base price by $500 overnight citing consumer outcry.

Camera Records Images Around Corners

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

This video shows how scientists at the MIT Media Lab reconstruct a hidden object using scattered laser light. Future applications may include seeing in dangerous or inaccessible locations, such as inside machinery with moving parts, or in highly contaminated areas like your siblings bedroom.

Russell Brown’s Favorite Photoshop CS6 beta Features

Posted: Mar 22, 2012

Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director, walks through his 6 favorite features in Photoshop CS6 beta. Learn more about the new capabilities of Adobe Camera Raw 7.0, the new adaptive Wide Angle feature, Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift. Also take a look at Content-Aware Move and Patch, the all-new Crop tool and incredible new possibilities with video.