The Best Thing To Happen To FCPX…
Since FCPX

The best thing to happen to FCPX… since FCPX… is happening right now! It happens each and every day that anyone edits something on FCPX or develops something for FCPX. Because as the app grows and the users continue to grow everything becomes better over time.

Now the time has come for our website to become better. So I decided to build a new website from the ground up.


This fresh, new website features the familiar quiz you all know and love and we’ve added a brand new forum.

The new website is also built more scalable so that I can easily add posts and items to this new website without jumping through a bunch of repetitive coding tasks I had to do in the old website. What that means is that it will be easier to post content on this new site so I hope to start being more active with posting news.

You also can’t ignore the entirely new design. I designed this site by hand and it’s completely custom built. OK, OK I’m patting myself on the back here. This website isn’t just some theme that was slapped together though. I built a lot of my own functions for this website to make sure everything was integrated smoothly between the store, forum, and quiz.

Some other challenges were to develop the responsive designs for the website. I wanted things to fit perfectly on an iPad in both portrait and landscape view. After a little over a week working on the mobile design I am almost finished developing a pixel perfect design that renders beautifully on the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. This new website also supports the Quiz on the iPad! The previous website version did not support the quiz on iOS devices. In my opinion this new site looks absolutely amazing on the iPad Mini, which is my most frequently-used device for web browsing BTW.

I hope you enjoy this fresh new look and I look forward to seeing a lot of entertaining spam and trolling in the forum. Thanks for visiting and make sure to like us on facebook and follow us on twitter for new updates.

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