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Why WXYZ News In Detroit Switched To FCPX

Posted: Jun 30, 2014

WXYZ TV is Detroit’s largest news outlet and was the first in the state to broadcast in HD. In 2002 they made the switch to FCP edit systems and since then they haven’t looked back.

ALEXA XR/XT supports new ProRes 4444 XQ

Posted: Jun 28, 2014

ARRI is announcing support for the new Apple ProRes 4444 XQ, the highest-quality version of ProRes to date, which will be available in the next Software Update Packet for ALEXA cameras.

Canon Unveils Two 4K Cameras & Two New Lenses

Posted: Apr 12, 2012

Canon today unveiled the EOS-1D C and the C500 — a higher-end version of the C300 that adds several shooting modes, dual 3G-SDI ports and a larger, permanent grip. Both cameras can capture 4K video, but in substantially different ways…

Ok Go Needing/Getting

Posted: Feb 7, 2012

The guys at Ok Go are at it again! This time they’ve teamed up with Chevy to produce a very cool commercial er… music video. Check out the video!