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Reply To: FCPX 10.2 Quiz/Training
Hi Guys, I was just looking through this forum and during that i found a…
Reply To: FCPX 10.2 Quiz/Training
Heya, Brad, Thanks for your question. The quizzes on this site are currently for 10.1.2.…
Reply To: Keyboard Shortcut-Increase/Decrease Clip Height in Timeline
Not for clips in the Timeline. There's only keyboard shortcuts to adjust clip heights in…
Reply To: problems importing GoPro video from camera
The problem resolved itself as mysteriously as it appeared.
Reply To: problems importing GoPro video from camera
Well, using a card reader to import the GoPro clips to Final Cut Pro is…
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FCPX 10.1 Training Lesson 3 – In this lesson I’m gonna be talking about media libraries in Final Cut Pro version 10.1. Final Cut Pro X has an organizational and workflow method called Libraries. A Library is a top-level container for managing your media and projects. When launching Final Cut Pro for the first time, a single active Library named “Untitled” appears in the Libraries pane of the user interface.

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