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    Greg Berman
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    In my previous message, I asked was it OK to post questions about the Certified book. I’ll go ahead and ask question 1. I have been reading through many reviews that this book has a large amount of errors. Since I am reading this book for certification purposes, I would like to know your thoughts on that matter and what errors are they talking about. No one has posted the exact errors, but that is why they have given the book a less than stellar review. It is critical to know what these errors are since this could cause issues on the exam.

    Since you are a certified instructor, I would think this is something all instructors would know about ahead of time.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.


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    Jasper Thayer
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    Hey there Greg,

    Sorry for the delay. I’ve been partying in Vegas for the past few days.

    Regarding the book… yes, many Apple Certified Trainers know about the inconstancies in the book. Apple has a private discussion forum dedicated exclusively for Apple Certified Trainers and there is much chatter in those private forums about the problems with the book.

    The errors in the book could cause issues on the exam. My a advice is to not follow the book word-for-word. Instead you should use it as a guide while you perform your own editing tasks and in the process you will discover what methods currently work and which recommendations have been altered since the book’s publication. The author has mentioned that supplemental material is updated and available as a download when new updates become available.

    Jasper Thayer
    Apple Certified Trainer

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