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    Hi everyone, I built a new osx 10.10.1 server on a 2008 Xserve with 2 x Quad cores! It is running fantastic as a poor mans ‘MacPro’.

    Before upgrading to 10.10.5 I was really stoked because FCPX on exporting would use almost all 8 cores, sometimes only 1.5% of CPU was available, so 7.9 of the 8 Cores were being used!!!

    Now that I have upgraded to 10.10.5 I see sometime 3.4 cores being used but a lot of the time just 1.2 is being used. Export times are crazy slow now.

    Is there anything i can do to let FPCX know that it can use all 8 cores!
    HandBreak for example will still max out the 8 cores when it is running, so I am positive this is not an OS limitation in general.

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