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    FCPX 10.1.2 could be released any day now. A lot of people are talking about what they hope to see in a Final Cut Pro X software update. Here’s a few things I hope to see in a future software update. If you have any other suggestions feel free to add them to the list.

    Speed Ramping

    One of the biggest gripes that keeps me from choosing FCPX as my primary video editor is the lack of intuitive speed ramp controls. I really loved how FCP7 worked with the speed timing and speed ramping of clips and FCPX just doesn’t have that ability yet. The ability to ease in, ease out, or ease over a keyframe in a speed ramp is very much missed in FCPX. That’s one of the biggest things I wish FCPX had.

    Better Keyframe Editor

    I would really like to see a better keyframe editor in a FCPX update. Something that gives us more control over managing and editing keyframes would be a great improvement.

    Scrollable Timeline, Stationary Playhead

    People have also requested a feature that allows the timeline to scroll during playback and the playhead remains stationary in the middle of the storyline.

    Tabbed Timeline

    Add a tabbed timeline of projects instead of forward/backward arrows. That way you can go right to a project that you want to work on instead of scrolling through unwanted projects.

    Motion Roundtripping

    We want the ability to select a clip in the FCPX timeline, send to Motion, edit the clip in Motion with effects and see the updates appear in realtime back in the FCPX timeline.

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