Apple Motion – Working With Motion Templates Video tutorial

Hey what’s up everybody this is and today I’m gonna be talking about Motion templates.

We have some new templates that are gonna be available to purchase on our website very soon and I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of, you know, how to install those templates and access them through the Motion file menu. You know, what to expect once they’re available.

So let’s take a look at what we got in Motion right now:

With the install of Motion you can go to the file menu and select Open Template…

From the template browser window that appears you can choose themes from the left column and then select templates that are available for each theme inside of the right column. Here we can select a New Theme… so we’ll create that and you’ll see a generic folder has been created here. There’s no templates inside of it right now, so let’s create a Motion project.

We got a blank canvas here. I dunno I’ll just get some text, you know, and write: this is a new template. You know something like that. Fade out behavior something like that. ok so we got a new template here. Pretty simple. So from Motion file menu I’m gonna select Save as Template…

We’ll name this New Template and choose the New Theme to save it in. I’ll create a QuickTime preview for it and save. So it makes a quick little preview here. And now let’s hide Motion, and open up a Finder window, and take a look at where that information was saved on our hard drive.

If we go to our System/User/Home Folder/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Studio/Motion/Templates/ we’ll see that the New Theme folder is now inside of this Templates folder. And the New Theme folder contains the template file, the preview, and a preview image.

And here on our Desktop I have a Template file that was purchased and downloaded from

More templates are gonna become available very soon. We’re really excited about it. and, uh, let’s see how we would install this purchased Motion template in Motion.

I gonna double-click on this .zip file and unzip it. And here we have a template folder. We’re gonna place this folder into the Motion/Templates/ folder and now it’s gonna have all the file for that template.

Any other templates that we purchase from FinalCutStudio after this we would simply place the content of the folder into this folder so that it wouldn’t overwrite any previous templates that were already installed.

Now if we go back to Motion, we didn’t even have to restart the program, and we scroll up here you can see that the theme is available with the template that we purchased. We can see a little preview of it and choose to open it, make and edits and, uh… we’re good to go there.

Let’s go back to the Finder window and take a look at that again. So, you see from Motion here we have this custom icon as opposed to when we scroll down here to this New Theme it’s this generic i-icon. So… if you look here the folder: inside of it there also a It’s the same exact name as the folder and then with a .png extension. So if we copied this. and then went to this New Theme folder and pasted that thumbnail icon: now we’ll rename it to New Theme. And from Motion we’ll have to restart the program to refresh the image inside the template browser window. So we’ll go ahead and restart Motion here. Let’s see what we got. Now we’ll open template. And when we scroll down to the New Theme see we have the custom icon for it now.

If we go back here to the Finder window and delete the New Theme folder you’ll see the New Theme automatically is removed from the Motion Template themes.

So that’s a quick rundown of how the templates work inside of Motion and how to install any templates that are purchased from

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