Export Final Cut Pro Movie To Web w/ Transparency

Edit your sequence and perform any keying or masking that may be necessary to create transparent areas.

Select your sequence then go to Final Cut Pro Menu/Sequence/Settings…

From the sequence Settings window select the Advanced… button in the QuickTime Video Settings area. Set the Compression type: to Animation and the Depth to Millions of Colors +

This is very important – DO NOT RENDER THE SEQUENCE!!!

Rendering the sequence will rewrite the transparent areas with black background. Don’t do it.

OK moving on now. Since you haven’t rendered your sequence you are ready to export. Export from Final Cut Pro by choosing File/Export/Using QuickTime Conversion

Click on the Options… button for the Format. The Movie Settings window that appears click on the Settings Button in the Video section. Set the Compression Type: Animation and Compressor Depth: Millions of Colors +

You can also send the sequence to Compressor and set the video compression to Animation with depth of millions of colors +.

Take QuickTime file you’ve exported from Final Cut Pro and add it to Flash Media Encoder Queue.

From Flash Media Encoder select the QuickTime file then click on Settings…

From the settings window click on the Video tab and check the checkbox for Encode alpha channel. Adjust any other encoding settings as desired. When you are finished with the encoding settings click ok then start the Queue.

When the Queue is finished you will have a Flash file with alpha channel. You can place the flash file in a Flash player, but it will not display transparency until you enable the transparency mode in the Flash Player.

To enable transparency in Flash player place this code inside the object

And place this inside the embed tag:

There you have it – transparent video on the web!

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