Final Cut Pro Freeze Frame and Time Remapping Video tutorial

Hey what’s up everybody this is Final Cut and we’re here to give you a quick tip on how to do a freeze frame inside a video so that you can play a video clip, have it freeze on a frame, and then continue playing the clip after the freeze frame.

So we got a clip here on our timeline in Final Cut Pro and it’s this funny random clip of Heather doing her thing, going for the Academy award here um… anyway we got Heather here onside of the uh… timeline she’s doing her thing and I thought this was a great clip cause she’s smoking a cigarette and then has some smoke rings blowout. So what I want do is pretty much like pause it on one of these frames. I could stop the playhead by pressing the spacebar and then use the arrow left and right keys to go forward or backwards in the timeline. So I hold them down here and then go to the right here maybe right there. See that smoke ring? So we’ll stop on… right there on the frame, and with the clips linked, and I know they’re linked by this little icon in the right top of the timeline, or I could press shift-L to toggle it on and off, but with the clip link enabled then I can press the b key and the Blade tool is selected. Then when I hover over the clip I can click and make a cut on the video and the audio. And then I’ll press A here to make the selection tool again, select the clips ahead of the timeline and click and drag to create a little bit of space between these clips. Now with the playhead where it’s at I can press the left key to go back one frame and then press shift-N to make freeze-frame of the current frame. And then I can drag this frame from the viewer on the timeline and close the gap between the clips.

And there you have it. That’s effect. Uh, you play a clip, freeze-frame, then continue playing the clip. Now I can adjust the timing of this a little bit. Maybe I want it to stop, like, for a moment. So I’ll play it to where I want it to continue, and then I’ll make a cut. And then with the select tool enabled (I press A to enable the select tool) select the clip that I want to delete and then press shift and delete to do a ripple delete which will pull the clips ahead of the delete point to the playhead.

And there ya go! Now another way that you can enable almost a still kind of like that, is um… by enabling time remapping inside a Final Cut. So with a clip I click on this little icon in the bottom left to enable time remapping, and what I can do is go to where I want to make a still frame. So in the playhead here, maybe right here… and I can click and make a keyframe, and then go ahead a couple frames and click and make a keyframe, and then I can drag this point out. In-between this is gonna be almost a still, but still really slow moving. So that’s just the time remapping, and then you can click ahead and make some other keyframes so you make a keyframe there and then right after she is finished smoking a cigarette and so if I drag out the keyframes between these two points it’s gonna make this space slower so that she’ll be draggin and her cigarette slower. So you see now when she drags she drags real slow. So what you could do is time this to music. Say there was music track playing underneath this and I wanted her to smoke-take this drag during a beat, then I would move the playhead to where one beat is, and then drag keyframe to it, and then move the playhead ahead to where the other beat is or the other point, and then move the other speed keyframes so that in between those two keyframes the action will occur.

So you see that’s just a little bit of time remapping, nice and slow, and then also a freeze-frame. Time remapping is nice case you can also enable the interpolation between the transition to where it goes real slow there like for instance there were it goes real slow: let’s drag it out even more so it’s REAL slow. Almost like a still frame but not really. Then I can right-click on this keyframe and then enable the interpolation to the keyframe, from the keyframe, or centered over the keyframe you can enable curves. And then you can also go in and change ’em, you know and manipulate ’em through a keyframe – like a graph editor, but it’s a little complicated for this is just a quick tip I’m runnin through.

You know I’m coming up with some more tutorial content. I’m having a whole tutorial library for Final Cut, DVD Studio Pro, and Motion that I’m working on right now. Apple Certified Training material for all of those that we’re gonna have available in our store coming up next year, and then also we’re working on some great Motion templates. Some HD Motion templates that were thrown together with some just really killer particle effects and um, some explosions. You know, we got some alpha transitions that were working on and just all sorts of really cool stuff that uh… we’re gonna be thrown out inside of our store. I’m on a rampage, basically. I’m like, doing video tutorials, I’m making web developments, and then I’m throwing out some more video tutorials. So hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for visiting the website, watching the tutorials, You know, and being a Facebook fan. It’s really great that we get the feedback from everybody and so… it just keeps making me want to do more tutorials and throw out some more features for the website. You know, give you guys some more blog posts and keep you up-to-date. So, you know, thank you so much, and we’ll catch you soon… later.

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