Send A Text Message When FCPX Finishes Exporting

This tutorial is broken down into two parts and will show you how to automatically send an iMessage after Final Cut Pro X has finished exporting. First we’ll create an Application using AppleScript that will send the message and then we will tell Final Cut Pro X to open the Application we created after FCPX has finished exporting.

Part 1. Create the Application.

For this part we will be using AppleScript on our Mac to create an Application that automatically sends an iMessage through the on your Mac.

Open AppleScript located on your Mac at Applications/Utilities/AppleScript

With AppleScript open, paste the following code into the AppleScript project. Edit the lines in the script for the phone number and email address you want to send the iMessage to.

After the script has been compiled you’re ready to save it as an Application. From the AppleScript Editor File menu click the Save command or press Command-S on your keyboard to save the script. A save dialog will appear where you can name the Application and choose the location where you want to save it. From the File Format drop down menu choose Application and leave the Options checkboxes unchecked.


Part 2. Setup Final Cut Pro X to open the Application.

When you’re ready to Share your project in Final Cut Pro X go to the File/Share menu and choose an option to Share your project. From the Share Window choose the Application that we created in Part 1 to Open with.


This will open the and send an iMessage through once the Final Cut Pro X project has completed exporting.




  • You need to be running Final Cut Pro X on a Mac with OSX 10.8 or higher.
  • You need to have configured on your Mac to send messages.
  • The phone number the text is sent to needs to be an iPhone number that has iMessages enabled.

You can also change the variable for theBuddy so that you can send an iMessage to an email address that has iMessage setup on an iPad or iPod Touch instead of a +1 phone number that is only sent to iPhones.

set theBuddy to “

The same concept can be used to create an Application in that sends an email. I prefer AppleScript though since you have more control with scripting. A lot more can be done with AppleScript, Automator, and Final Cut Pro X. You can also trigger AppleScripts in Automator workflows if you want to expand possibilities even further. This example just scratches the surface of what is possible. What other ways could AppleScript and Automator Applications improve our workflow after a project has been exported from Final Cut Pro X? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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