Using MPEG Streamclip with Final Cut Pro

MPEG Streamclip can convert a video DVD into an editable format that can be used in Final Cut Pro.

Let’s get on to learning some very basic and general information of how to import your DVD video into a Final Cut Pro timeline by using MEPG Streamclip shall we?

It is best to copy your DVD folder to your hard drive for faster processing before starting.

The structure of a DVD consists of two folders named AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. Usually there is nothing in the AUDIO_TS folder. Inside of the VIDEO_TS folder there are several files with extensions including IFO, VOB, VTS.

From MPEG Streamclip click on File/Open DVD… command and navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.

Choose your DVD folder and click the Select button.

You may be asked if you want to fix the timecode or data errors – click OK.

MPEG Streamclip will process the VOB file for a moment and then a scene from the DVD will appear on the screen.

You need to convert the VOB file from the DVD into something that Final Cut Pro can use.

From the MPEG Streamclip menu choose File/Export to QuickTime…

Afterwards you will see an export window that looks like this:

MPEG Streamclip will always show this screen as a default. You need to choose a Compression: setting for the video format that will work in FCP.

Make sure to bump the default Quality setting back up to %100 from the default setting of %50.

You will notice that the reinterlace chroma box is checked by default. That will make the video look nicer once it’s processed as the checkmark option suggests. So go ahead and leave it checked.

Now all you have to do is save your movie. Click the “Make Movie” button and give it a name and location to save.

That’s it!

You will now have an editable video format exported from the DVD using MPEG Streamclip that you can use in the Final Cut Pro Timeline. It’s a pretty straight-forward process that is general common knowledge. Just follow these easy steps and you will be quickly on your way to editing your DVD Video material in the Final Cut Pro Timeline.

If you have a DVD that is copy-protected then you need to use an application to “rip” the DVD before you can bring it into MPEG Streamclip. Applications like MacTheRipper or other DVD ripping applications can “rip” the copy-protected DVD and you can then open and convert the ripped DVD Video_TS folder in MPEG Streamclip by following the earlier instructions.

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